Wednesday, February 20

Bukanlah mudah untuk mengupdate blog bila anda tahu blog anda tidak dibaca. Hewhewhewhew.

Nevertheless I am moving my as-hands writing. Walaupun it might sound so half-assed. And rojak. Sumanakatta. (Now it's rojak strawberry -_-).

To glorify the moment, I will write something different.
But then I have no idea lol otl.

I just had a conversation with my dad. Recently my mom had a terrible homesick (?) that I have to call frequently. More frequent than before.
I used to call home once in 3 weeks. Now I had to do it every week.

But mom had gone to work. So I talked to my dad instead.

Abah : Hello (Coldly)
Me : Abah! Hihihihi
Abah : (Suddenly bright) Ooo ni sapa dia ni?
He already knew it's me but yeah. His favourite stunt every time I called home.

Abah : Ni baru nak keluaq pi pekena nasik kandaq.
Me : Wau ini bikin panas.
Abah : Panaih? Boleh order aih kacang.
Me : Sini pun ada. Tadah dari langit.
Abah : Buat apa makan aih kacang sejuk-sejuk.

I give up.

This is not my father's birthday. I don't have to wait for a particular day to be sweet.



Hfz A. said...

wow nasi kandaq.bikin panas

Dai said...

jangan sebut. taboo lol

Anonymous said...

aku ni ha membaca :D cepat balik!

-nekmo comel-