Wednesday, March 9

Why you should consider Biotechnology as your future interest.

Because you can make this stuff come true without using photoshop.

Nice eh?


Hfz A. said...

the effff.
tu telinga ke apa dowh.tissue culture?

Dai said...

yessha human tissue culture.

you made a biodegradable plastic bentu telinga. then amek some bunch of human cells, grow on it. after that plastic degrade all left is a human shape ear. to make sure the cells dont die, transplant on the mutant mouse w/o immune system. by time you will get blood vessel + the tikus cell itself on the telinga. hahaha.

gila tekno.

kash berimbun said...

ok. aku takut tido malam.. sungguh metamorfosis dan x-men sekali tikus tersebut.

Dai said...

Haha. tikus tu ada extra telinga ja, tapi tak membantu dalam pendengaran.