Friday, March 18

Why Future Biologist Have No Need For Moral Studies

My lecturers doesn't like to talk about ethical issues in lectures. Usually they just skip it. Sometimes I even got the impression that we need less possible ethics to survive this striving world of Biology revolution (ceeeeh...).

- we usually use mice and dogs to test our research. well they (public) still making the noise, but it still better to shut just one ear, compare to if we use human to test it. we might even have to puncture our eardrums.

- if we had enough moral, we might complained A LOT of the bio jokes made by our lecturer.

- well the truth is most of the picture in our bio textbook isn't ethical at all.

unethical chopping of the brain.

unethical chopping of the DNA.

unethical chopping of the worms.

unethical chopping of the strawberry.

- biotechnology will be in the longkang if we become 'ethical' biologist.

- ethics says no to the production of earmouse.

the point is, even though we do produce Dolly the sheep and after it dead we mummified it,
we still have morals deep inside our heart. we did that to mouse to save human race. it is still ethical, right?


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