Monday, March 21

THEY, and WE

They, the Biologists, like to use extravagant words. Just to express our subject.

For example,

'Transgene is the insertion of exogenous DNA into random non-homologous site in mouse genome.'

And the problem is, we, the future Biologist, nearly lost our logical sense when we were studying.

Yes, we are nearly on the verge of craziness.

Pengsan gini weh!

But without the extravagant word Biology might just loose its charms.. What a waste...
No my dear, you're amazing just the way you are.
Nah, loosing mind is nothing.

Nota kaki - actually the example just generally mean 'masukkan DNA lain dalam mana-mana site dalam gene tikus.' -_-


burhan al-hilmi said...

sori xfhm =.=

Dai said...

yes congratulation burhan! you get the exact point!