Thursday, March 17

confused names

"to juniors/seniors/pakcik/datin/tan sri/dr, ampun kalau saya tak ingat nama or muka anda. you see, i failed terribly in this matter. it's only easy for me to remember the name of a retrovirus.

maaf. maaf."

yes, this is one of my weakness.

i'm not talkative, and usually i get people names mix up terribly.

makcik-makcik kat kampung selalu ugut taknak datang kenduri kahwin kalau tersilap panggil.
sori makcik-makcik. plis datang bakal kenduri saya.

once i went to my old school. then i met my tadarus teacher. after talking to him excitedly about unforgettable tadarus class memory for almost 5 minutes, suddenly he announce,
"saya bukan cikgu tadarus, saya cikgu maths. silap orang kot?"

then suddenly i remember he was my maths teacher in form 3. -_-

i have lots of lable because of this lack of skills.
but i am still thankful that i can effectively remember all the species name that studied by Lamarck. or the names of the range of thermophilic bacteria that produce superb enzyme.

kan senang kalau nama kau pun bathymodiolus thermophilus?


yui92 said...

i hope u dont confuse hikaru yui/yui92/ ahmad solihin

Dai said...

erk.... sapa?