Monday, September 6


I developed a new allergy : talking about going to UK.

I hate it. It’s formed as a result of the sufferings that I undergo in the process of flying. The paperwork was terrible. Compelled to travel to KL (the land of dust and heat and jam) for a few times and now preparing for the fourth. Money was constantly pulled, and the matters kept in circle in my brain. Plus I had to communicate with people, which is, unfortunately, the skill that I am lacking of.

So if people ask me whether I am excited to go to UK, or how is my accommodation, or how is my packing going, I will give them a yes, fine and great. But the actual condition is no, hell and hating it. Please, no more question.

Not that I am not thankful but I really not in the happy yeay yeay mood. More like homesick already.


Anonymous said...

ralax la dek!..btahan! btahan!
Allah is always with u!

~HuSnA ZuBiR~ said...

haha..lex la, dai...
lama2 ang pulak miss UK tuh..dah siap pack? hehe..guess the answer is "yes"
:PP main aje~ jgn mare..

yui92 said...

nnti dah g sana crita la yg besz2 taw..=p