Sunday, August 29

Dai Rahim is a girl with a completely stupid common sense.

Dai Rahim is a girl with a completely stupid common sense.

She is proven to have learning abilities, especially logical thinking at about 80% optimum. That may not sound special, but it enables her to receive government scholarship for overseas studies. And minuscule part of her brain contributed for arts. She also has a quick IQ when it comes to language. Able to learn them from TV. Quite a beginner for Russian, Korean, Japanese, Hindustani and Chinese. She succeeded her English with this method.

However, she had ZERO people skill. Seriously. Mind is completely blur whenever she wants to talk to people that are out of the year she was born. Always intend to make a fool of herself in front people she meet for the first time. And It’s not funny fool, but stupid fool. We can see that her common sense is easily swayed by the ‘official’ atmosphere around her. Especially in a government office.

And her common sense only worked for 60 percent of most cases. Another 40 will not turn out bad; It’s a disaster.

Kaunter Pesuruhjaya Sumpah

The officer told her to sign a form. But there’s no other space for her to sign except for the special space for Pesuruhjaya sumpah/ Majistret/ Hakim Mahkamah Seksyen.

Other people common sense : Wrong. Ek ong, I’m not Majistret, should ask for clearer explaination.

Dai Rahim’s common sense : Ow, there’s 2 copies of the form. Maybe one I should sign and the other the Majistret will sign.

And she sign it BIG in the Majistret space. The officer’s face read ‘How come Kerajaan Malaysia hantar budak bengap ni belajar overseas?’

And her post-raection common sense : Ya ya. Judge however you want.

Moral of the stories. Dai Rahim’s common sense should change its name. Stupid sense maybe? Weird sense also do.


.::annemishi::. said...


die laaaa..

ang nih dayah ooooi..
tanya lah lain kali. :)

Dai said...

haha ku tanya dah anneh oi.. dia dok kata ya ya. ku pon signlah... haha XD

Hfz A. said...

total annihilation weh!
papehal,its one of those silly moments in your life.
terbaik ah post ni!

Dai said...

haha mochi tak salah kan silly memont gini? =P