Friday, October 16


I know I’m not updating my blog for a veeeeerrrryyyyyy long time. With a dismal internet connection speed, the various university application procedure that is very annoying to be followed, exams coming through, lots of studying for syllabus that is not even going to be in this exam, and a lot of frustration, I hardly find a suitable time where my mood is nice for blogging.

Okay, my strategy of blogging in English is barely working. Recent exam my IELTS was only worth band 6.5. Last time I got 7.5. Whadda? And then I got the feeling that I am becoming stupider and stupider in English as time goes by. See ‘stupider’?

At last UCAS form was submitted! Yes! Personal Statement completed, university chosen (even though I’m still cuak about choosing Dundee and Imperial. Well, I still got Warwick, York and Lancaster though) and the pain subsided.

Next week I got:-

Monday – Biology Paper 5

Tuesday – Malaysian Studies

Wednesday – Islamic Studies

Thursday – Biology Paper 4

I know. Wish me luck..

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