Wednesday, September 16


I’m not sure by changing the language for a while would be a good thing for my blog or not.

The truth is, I was never a big fan for Malay language writings since I was in my secondary school. It only occurred to me last year, when one of my new friend in college, Mr. Syukri Sapuan, insisted that I visited his blog and left a few traces. Hence to keep him happy as he is also one of my pet siblings, I went and checked out his Ranjau Dunia. Well, this guy is good, wait, no, okay, superb. He might as well be my Malay language teacher’s pet, for his poetic and rhythmic writing. His language made me not to fall asleep while reading in Malay. Well I am not trying to brag or make fun of our language, but it’s true. Some people oversee the beauty of Malay writing and in order to stay ‘modern’ in this globalization world, they keep it short. The language I mean. But actually Malay language can go further than what it is now and Syuk’s writing in his blog displayed the value of what the language really means. And it can corrected corrupted head like mine, of how much Malay can overcome English. Tribute to Syuk. Well I never really told him this. I am sucks when trying to say good things to people.

Okay now I am really, really miss writing in Malay. This post sound so wrong.

I have nothing much to write. No unique ideas on how to vanish your boredom or how to decrease the level of nagging of your neighbour. Geez, I thought my mom was ‘shrill’ enough. This makcik sebelah (okay sorry sorry I’ll change back) was even worst when she’s pissed off with her children. Hence to distract my ears from hearing unnecessary things and making fun of her inside my brain, I put on my headphones. Sweet song, Green Day. 21 Guns. Don’t ask me why 21 Guns. Even with nothing to do, I neglect my Chemistry and Maths and go on writing my blog. Uh, so much for going to Imperial. =)

Lately I really enjoy reading my senior’s blog and viewing their page on Facebook or Friendster. Well the main reason; they are flying. Yeah, flying away to UK. I will cause myself jealousy there in the process, but then it’s a great thing. Cause the boosted spirit to study and also going there will exist. (But still now I’m neglecting my Chemistry and Maths... BP) Some of them got pictures, which cause me to go ~whoaaaaaa~ and ~wuuuuuuu~. Lame, isn’t it? But you will understand if you are a kampong-girl-who-has-never-even-step-on-an-airport AND do-not-have-the-opportunity-to-step-on-an-airport-unless-you-are-sponsored-to-study-abroad-and-must-step-on-the-airport-so-that-you-can-catch-your-flight. There’re my seniors, Midi, Pok Chek, Maryam, Lili, Syafiq Yazid, Aqmin. I just hope I will have the opportunity to undergo what they are going through now. Missing parents in Malaysia, hoping to be back for Raya, pictures in the airport, going for Visa…. Well there’re also a few of my friends who were about to fly to India, US and Canada; Nab, Nafeez, Fatah.

This one is new thing. Last night I dreamt. Way too scary, not even closed to a nightmare. I was happily enjoying life in Malaysia (I mean, enjoy as REALLY enjoying) then suddenly we were attacked by Israel. Nauzubillahi minzaalik. I was in three different people, being shot for four times and witnessed thousands people were dead, all development gone. And the view was super real. The feeling was actual. I was shaking when I woke up. I hope and hope, even though after long I have woken up, that it will stay as a dream. Seriously. Yeah. Now I don’t get it why people loves those combat game. I saw the game, yeah, okay, the scene was not as real as mine in the dream. Poof. Please stay as a dream… Paranoid? Maybe. Because if you think about it, it has certain tendency to exist. I pray to God it stay as a dream.

P/s : Gosh I miss Malay.


muFFin said...

i hope all of ur wishes will become true.. insyaAllah

don't stop dreaming..

you'll get what you want when you've confidence in yourself!!! =]

Dai said...

insyaallah! =)
weyh fly sesame!

Syukri Sapuan said...

weyh, terdengar nama disebut disni..
patut la dari td asyik tersedak-sedak je..

xde x power pun biasa je..korang la power kut..

aq cuma selalu menulis apa yang terlintas je..


hidup KPM!!

Dai said...

huhu anda yaki bukan batuk h1n1? hhe...

xde2 haha mari kita sama2 membangun. hidup kpm!!!

hamidi said...

weh israel attack penang ka attack kyuem??

Dai said...

ok tyme tuh ak amat di KYUEM sbab sutherland juga terlibat...

hamidi said...

ooh tu la org kata kyuem darul maksiat. org la kata. aku tak kata. org la kata.
Allah nak tunjuk la tu. isk.

dai. hang dah dapat petunjuk. ini tanggungjawab hang utk mengubah keadaan. mengubah segala. kaulah hero weh utk selamatkan keadaan..

eh melalut eh? mimpi je kan. fine. bye.

Dai said...

ha ada gak la ak dgr. tp yg aku dgr kyuem tu lembah maksiat. bukan darul. haha. so org yg mntk doa jauhkan dr lembah kemaksiatan tu jauhkan dr kyuem ke? so kta dh terjerumus ke lmbh mksiat. lalala~

biar dia stay sbg mimpi.