Thursday, September 24

Muka tebal… tebal muka… or is it the other way round?

Hai confuse…

They should have a debate on this topic

“Is having a THICK FACE is a good thing?”

Seriously. Sometimes it’s a shame when there’s an invisible sign that plastered across your forehead ‘muka tak malu’. And it will get even worse when someone approach you from the back, tap on your shoulder and say “Wey, ko selamba beiwak kan, ko mintak kat makcik tu kuah lebih.” You might not feel anything dumb at that particular situation, okay, maybe a bit of "Wey ko mintak la sniri mulut ada kaki ada". But as times goes by and at one moment you just sit back and try to relive your past, you will find that you’re a jackass.

But it is sometimes is a good thing. That’s mean you are just invincible to the staring, gaping, and crude remark made by people when you do something that you feel right but are wrong in their eyes. Yeah. I always find it helpful. But somehow it turned upside down when you are labelled. Just like the above paragraph. Down. Sheesh.

P/s – Oh, I find it interesting yet humorous when my father’s artificial teeth fell into the hole of the bathroom earlier today. He was compelled to retrieve the thing while shadowing me from having the tragedy photographed. He succeed both.


.::annemishi::. said...

betui.. aku pon slalu kna cop bnda yg sama..

org slalu kata kt ku..

"ang muka x malu. g aar jap.."

"ang feelingless kan... g aar dlu."


Dai said...

kita da cop mcm pengetua... best...