Tuesday, March 17

I'm In Love With Biology!!!!!!!!

Oookay.. Now Mud had commented that I’ve too little too much politics in my blogs, I just realize that fact..

Urgh… I’m trying to write about something else. Involving my life. And others.

I love my Bio class. It’s really enjoyable. Even though lots of time involve in cracking our hands trying to get all the notes on the screen into our notebook and listening hard to every word the teacher is saying. Here are the Bio people. One sentences about each of them…

Dr Norhayati Nordin

Way strict; I got glimpses of how Cambridge works – don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing! X)

Mr Ian Boler

“Relax, let’s have a chat,” said Ariff.

2nd Table – The havoc, The immature

Zazzy Zainol

My partner in crime.

Dai Rahim

That’s me lah. Duh…

Ariff Hakim

Shit man..

Rashdan Nordin

Ben 10 aka TY aka chill ar bro..

1st Table – Boys rule

Kay Shuib

Cool guy of the class


Mr. I’m shy in class


Scandal with someone from the same Bio class (Hehehe)

Azali Azlan

What do you expect?!

3rd Table – The ‘Budak-budak’ Baik


Quiet girl in class… Huhuhu

Juliza Jahimin

The multitalented girl of the class =)

Azri Jasni

Sometimes quite emo in class



4th Table – The In-Crowd


“I like to answer question” lol


Hello Terrence

Amirah Anis

Award for the best in class

Farrah Aishah

Boys sing ‘Got My Eyes On You’

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