Thursday, March 12

HK SBP Zon Utara 2009

Never ask what your school do for you, but ask what you do for your school.
What I do for my school is:
Pack my bag, Leave my Bio book at home, forget a while about my Mock AS Bio exam this end of month and berkampung in SMS Tun Syed Sheikh Shahabudin, my brother's former school for supporting and brainstorming with my juniors in English Debate.

Yeah. This is the story of sacrifice -
sacrificing my few days holidays,
sacrificing my studies,
sacrificing my predict grade for my entry to Liverpool University,
sacrificing the prospect of eating my mother's dishes and instead eating in a boarding school's dining hall (again!!!),
sacrificing in having to use soksek's toilet and bathing in a jamban (again!!!),....

You get the point... and there's some seniors who think I'm idiot maybe, for coming, and laugh out loud in YM... lorh...

Tuesday, 10th March 2009

We're going out for a befoya-foya trip with tcher. Yeahaaaaa!!!

Tuesday, 10th March 2009

SBPIKP vs SMS Tun Syed Sheikh Shahabudin (English)

Ooookay! We (+ Zawani n Aishah) didn't exactly make it in time for the first debate of my juniors - Aqilah, Tikah, Azuan and Nadzrin with soksek, but we lost... Duh.. Not our rezeki...

SPBIKP vs MCKK (Malay)

Then team BM debate won with MCKK... Aha... Rosman was the best speaker. Conrate also to Shahrul, Yati and Niza.

SBPIKP vs SMS Sultan Md Jiwa (English)

Lost… Takpe. We are going to have lots of training for you guys.

Wednesday, 11th March 2009

SBPIKP vs STAR (Malay)

Yup. We lost. But dun worry kids! We’re gonna get them in SSP! Rite Safuan?!

Well, for BM team, congratulation! Good job against MCKK. Rosman was brilliant!! You guys really have to train hard for the upcoming national level. Hope you guys can win it. Yeah!

For English team, you guys have to train super hard. Maybe we have some shock when the format was changed, and it’s okay. You have done your best. But maybe this is not the best that we can do. We have lots of lack of strategy. And you guys seem to have lack of confidents when debating. You seem to regard debating as a stressful activity, but it’s actually fun and entertaining. You really should built your teamwork and try more to speak confidently and throw a hell lots of POI. It can boost you confidence. And try to enjoy yourself.

Thanks to everybody who involves in this making of post – Tcher Hajar, Cikgu Ipin, Tcher Widad, Zawani, Aisyah, Basil, Solihin, Safuan, Azuan, Tikah, Nadzrin, Aqilah, Anis, Shahrul, Niza, Rosman, Yati, Faris…

Eventhough there’s an unwanted incident happened, but other thing is cool. We have lots of fun, lots of food (biscuits je la, but at least boleh dikunyah) and lots of laughter. Tak rugi dating lepak ngan korang. But I can’t go to SSP, I’ve got exam. I’m giving chances to Aiishah or Qis. Hehehe. Thanks y’all!! Love you guys soooooooo much!!!


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