Monday, March 30

Dai’s Motivation To Success

Way 1 : Pasting multi-coloured chemistry notes on the wall

It actually never meant to be existed, but thanks to Miss Aqilah, it is managed to be done. And when she didn’t say anything about passing the Organic Chemistry notes, it is decided that this colourful masterpiece should go on the wall for viewing. To improve Chemistry, folks!!

Way 2 : David Omigod-He’s-Hot!!! Archuleta Is Watching You Study

You will be studying like mad before you realize that he never knew you in the first place. But then one problem will arise. You can’t stop glancing to your side and when you see his charming and dazzling smile, you will have the tendency to smile to yourself in the room... Alone. Well, at least senyum itu sedekah… Even though it involves syok sendiri kind of thing. (Is it??)

Way 3 : Colourful Stars And Circle On The Wall

Baby-ish design. Inspired from baby room in the mall. Nice though. Better that the plain cream wall... X)

Way 4 : Messenger Notes

Message like “Dai, Berusaha!!!” or protein molecules. Whichever way you like it. Just write it out and paste, paste, paste! Easier than going for formula booklet or equation lists. Hehe!!

Way 5 : Pictures of ‘Zaman Muda-muda Dulu...’

Sometimes when you are stress and Archie is not doing you any good, just reminiscent about the good old days... Oh yeah... But don’t go too far. You need to study dude!!

Way 6 : Chocolate2x On The Wall

This maybe only applied to me in this college; My mom worked in a chocolate factory. Quite similar to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, except that there are no Oompa Loompa and her boss never look quite the same as Johnny Depp. This chocolate wrapper remind me of me mom.

“Study ar. Jangan dok ingat kat ***** ja!!”

For you, just paste anything that of your mom or dad. Don't paste a chocolate wrapper because you were too lazy to get your butt off the chair and walked to the bin.

Way 7 : Calendar Shout Out

Tell your calendar to shout at you if you had the feeling to melengung or doing things like updating your blog. But you seriously should prevent the latter, as if your blog can speak, there will be a great war in your room and there will be a Great Depression in the environment.

Like my blog.

Way 8 : Kiasu Words On Exam Schedule

Instead the exam schedule being a worst nightmare to look at, turned it into an inspiring word. This can boost confidence, as long as the confidence is not boosted through your backside. The first one is good for you, but the latter one can released an unhealthy gas and cause international pollution in your room.

Way 9 : Lappy

To prevent you from being lagha when you were berfoya-foya with your laptop, write the note to remind you that you are taking AS Biology. And you can make your ‘ehem2’ pix as your wallpaper on your lappy to remind yourself that if you don’t get super-excellent result you will be super-silly standing next to him.



Rabiatul Adawiah Sulaiman said...

wah3.. siapa la him ***** tu ye dai? huk3

Dai said...

hanya kenalan.... eceh...