Wednesday, January 7

Kamus Bahasa Perancis (North Malaysia Version)

People are wondering sometimes what the hell am I saying. Here, worry not! Now I provide you with an encyclopedia of my native language and whenever you people don't understand a word I'm saying, you can view my blog and refer to my dictionary. It's easy, free and copy-and-pastable. If you still have to pay for the internet or broadband, go to the nearest McDonald's franchise with free wifi like Nab.

celuih - fit
gerek - bicycle
habag - tell
tidoq - sleep
tawaq-hebiag - very bitter
meghaban - talking nonsense
mamai - unusual attitude happen involuntary just after waking up from sleeping
tarak - no
rhetaih - paper
pancog - lou, restroom, toilet
ayag - water
lempaq - throw
hingaq - noisy
haprak - a word to tell someone that he's a jerk
hampa - you guys
hang - you
acaq - dirty water, usually drain water
mampoih - die
merket - market
mengaji - study
mai sini - come here
beletiaq - nagging
ketegaq - stubborn
katok - hit, hammer (v)
botoi - bottle

*usually when there's a word with '-g' or '-r' at the end means it is derived from baku malay. Originally it is r.
*try to pronounce it in the actual spelling that is written in the this dictionary.
*Never attempt to try to speak up this language to a real northern people if you're not familiar with it. You'll be busted straight away.

If there's any query about this or any of new words you don't understand and in need to know the meaning, contact Dai through email - or send your questions at this blog. Insyaallah, whenever there's favour needed I'll try to help you.

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